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In the category of " multi-brand preference" behavior , the first-and second-tier cities in the consumer shopping frequency higher than three lines 3-5 cities , but they also tend to buy more brands in the same category .Traders Mall , CITIC Pacific in Shanghai , Hang Lung Plaza Beijing successively opened from star hotel luxury retail , department stores transferred to the shopping center .One of the most rapidly to the number Jiangsu Hongdou Group , SAIC submitted to them , " Sunan Bank" and " Tin Commercial Bank " ( full name " Tin Commercial Bank Co. Buy Cheap Moncler Mens Tapajos Collar Hooded Down Vest Chestnut 8% of people attached to the brand symbol of a deeper meaning --- identity.Everyone is seeking the MIX MATCH, from head to toe to reflect the seasons most IN the worlds top brand of philosophy.China Textile Industry Association vice president Wang Tiankai said that although Fujian, Hebei textile enterprises due to both the ownership and development of objective differences exist different backgrounds , but we overcome difficulties belief is consistent.

Earlier, the British luxury goods giant BURBERRY ( Burberry ) trademark rights of way Zaiyu twists and turns.Another luxury goods group LVMH first half revenues of 13 billion euros , an increase of 26 %. Moncler Mens Eric Jackets Green For example, in terms of clothing she likes fast fashion , because you can try new and different styles ; But buying digital products was more like a slow fashion , because the role of digital products that performance, rather than appearance, so do not follow the trend .In an exclusive diamond jewelry stores , the reporter saw a lot with grilles , ribbons, flowers , dragon and phoenix, mandarin ducks, butterflies, gold leaf for the appearance of the product , the salesperson said , consumers and distributors of these well-intentioned head full of traditional style soft spot sales are large .Wind caught the Chinese luxury market investors to promote Prada s stock rose 8 %.In the new strategic opportunities, generate "Award of the Year Award " This new mechanism is imperative.

But now , the information has not become one of the most important bottlenecks, or even to a era of information overload .According to Chinese customs data released in January this year , China s total trade in 2012 was 3.The increase in revenue , is to make this part of the population increasingly strong demand for luxury goods , now has 48% of high-income families tend to foreign brands in the consumer .

Buy Discount Moncler Rod Men Jackets Deep Blue Earl companies are slowing the opening of new stores in China speeds.But for China s wealthy , even if is a custom , but also want to customize the party is well-known brand, and want others to know.This is difficult to imagine coming from the lifestyle appear on Chinese soil , but such social gatherings in Shanghai and Beijing are carrying almost daily ." There are indications that China s sporting goods industry has entered a winter ," Zhang Mei told reporters , as early as possible to usher in "spring" , as well as to respond traditional European market due to saturation and set up trade barriers , high tariffs and other " obstacles " , Chinese sporting goods market industry is currently looking to get started in Brazil, India , the Middle East and other emerging markets.

Buy Discount Moncler Rod Men Jackets Deep Blue So that " both the threshold, not any threshold" ; Third , no charge , do not add any burden to the enterprise .Analysis of the industry , the domestic luggage market either high, medium and low grades constitute a lack of anti -type brand ." Bain also predicted the luxury industry capacity by 2016 will reach 245 billion -2,550 million euros.You know, he s the Christmas party is a great event fashion circles , he flew to New York to be the worlds employees participate in the extravagant to the point where people could not understand .The second category of non- purpose shopping , generally suitable for optional goods , such as clothing and some impulse goods, such as cosmetics , snacks , make yourself happy and enjoy cultural products or categories of products , which are often subject to on-site shopping behavior environment influence , attract customers inside complex psychological mechanisms.